Saturday, September 29, 2012

Alicia's wedding

祝: Alicia & Ah Thong幸福满满!=)
Seafood porridge in SongHwa's house. =)

my 1st glasses without frame picture.

ready to wedding dinner. =)

with bride & broom. 

bride: Alicia. =)

gangs and Pat's parent

Song Hwa's parent. =)

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Friday, August 17, 2012


以为教练会没来,我warm up就好。。
warm up完后,雨变小了,教练不知是没东西给我练呢,还是想念跳高,叫我去跳高。
4steps take off. =) 跳得还不错哦.... 教练说take off没那么重了,没像之前elephant take off. 开心! =) 可能看了世界级的跳高运动员吧。
还跳到最后,脱衣服呢。没办法,衣服湿了,很重,刚好track没几个人.sexy training. =)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

伦敦奥运会 London Olympic Games

Came back from Taiwan for 3 days and I left again to London!
The hottest event of the year, Olympic Games!!! ^_^ Kinda unbelieve ! Haha… I was glad that I went to London, open my mind, experience more things and see those amazing world class athletes and meet my love one. 
I really appreciate her offer! Thank you so much, Michelle Sng! ^_*
It was fantastic experience for me! Even thought I was so scared before leave to London, still it was an unforgettable experience for me. =) 谢谢你生病了还是坚持过来。
Basically, I only visited museum, gallery and market while in London. It was bit boring for me. 
But, I love my daily routine and the weather there. =)
*sleep till I content - jogging - breakfast & watch Olympic - go out walk walk - dinner & watch Olympic*
It was so relaxing. 
Weather in London is very appropriate for cycling. How I wish I can do the same in Malaysia. But I think I might get dehydrated or sun burn. haha.. 
The feeling inside the Olympic stadium to watch those world class high jumpers are indescribable. Love the feeling !!! wish after 4years I will be part of it. 
I am grateful for what I got. =) 
Thank you the offer and the one who gave her the tickets. 

half way to Whitechapel gallery.

tower bridge with Olympic Rings

with Kak Sheela & HupWei at Oakley Safehouse =)

drinks with CheeHou & HupWei. =)

from gf michelle. ^_* 
how I love the way she wears it for me. 

with gf michelle, high jump as background <3
( our 1st 2012 picture =) )

Anna Chicherova & Ariane Friedrich

saw this at CamdenTownMarket.
remind me how much 心思 she put on to do this.

Bejing Olympic champion, Tia Hellebaut!

Ariane Friedrich's coach!

pole vault queen, Yelena Isinbayeva!
so unbelievable! 
Yelena Isinbayeve, JiaYou!

awesome tickets!!! 

love this picture. =)

Taiwan backpack = tourist

15th July went to Taiwan 2 weeks with SherFen & ChiewLee for “graduation trip”. Haha… It will be my first graduation trip because I can’t grad on October this year. Sigh… =( So, next year must has another graduation trip! Haha.. too many excuses to allow me to go for holiday!

Taiwan suppose is a backpack trip for us but end up became tourist because we shopped a lot. Haha..  Not choice! There are many things cheaper than Malaysia, especially the sporting stuff are more fashionable and up-to-date. Thus, we just buy buy buy. Haha.. End up I spent RM4500 (include airfare) for 2 weeks in Taiwan. I was planning to just spend RM3600. ==”
We went to quite many places and what Chiewlee planned was nice. The only downside is we didn't not stay a place for at least 2-3days. We only stay one and half day in most of the places so we couldn’t visit all the famous scenery. 

Here is our route: 高雄-垦丁-鹅鸾鼻-台南-阿里山-台中-九族文化村-庐山温泉-清境农场-清境-合欢山-花莲-太鲁阁大断崖-九份-基隆-台北。